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Bronze Horizon II


Artist: Matina Theodosiu

Semi-gloss smooth hand embellished


Matina Theodosiu is inspired by creating textures and exploring and inventing new surfaces using innovative techniques and creative layers of paint and colour.

She graduated from the Ontario College of Art and in her third year, studied fine art in Florence, Italy.

She later began her creative career in  Milan, Italy, freelancing in interior design, mural painting and  textile designing.

Her creative career spans over 23 years

and covers a wide variety of creative industries, such as interior design, textile and wall covering design, photography, animation, mural and speciality wall finishes painting.

These skills have paved the way into her career in fine art. 

Exploration into the ancient mediums of encaustic and oil painting, juxtaposing with our ever changing modern landscapes, captivates her.